Friday, February 22, 2013

Big Wreck-Albatross

Ian Thornley simply loves to sing and make music, as evident in Big Wreck's
third studio release, ALBATROSS.  Now, this album was originally unleashed in their home country of Canada last year in 2012, but was just released in the United States in February of 2013.  The band released their smash hit, "Albatross", as a free downloadable single, for promotional use.  They also added three bonus tracks to the Best Buy stores "exclusive" edition release.  The cd came in a cardboard-like, digipak, and contained a new studio track titled "Let The Good Time Roll".  The effort also contained two live song, one being from the band's very first release, IN LOVING MEMORY OF....."The Oaf" (Live), was a featured bonus track from that debut release, and the song, which came from ALBATROSS, "Control" (Live), was the second delight for us to enjoy.  Overall, the album is what has come to be expected by Ian Thornley over his long career.  The favorite song of mine from this record, though, has to be the lead track in"Head Together"  I love the groove with the song, and the repeating lyrically of "....I need to keep my head together, I need to be with somebody else...I need......".  It's both dark, and simply honest.  The song, "Wolves", comes in a very close second for me, as that song is a tough one lyrically as well.  This album, though has lackluster moment, similar to the band's second album, PLEASURE AND THE GREED.  I don't expect anything Thornley and the guys do to top the first album, but they've got to find a "catchier" way of hooking the audience, but I give them credit, they're still kicking.  The recommendation is to buy this CD at Best Buy, mainly for the bonus tracks making the album well worth the ten dollars or so.  While you're out, search for previous Big Wreck or Thornley releases, they are worth it, the man has got one hell of a lyrical voice!!  Follow the links below to find out more, purchase a copy, and even watch Big Wreck's video for their smash, "Albatross".  Enjoy!
RATING: 9/10

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