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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crown The Empire-The Fallout

Wow, what a record!  Crown The Empire has laced up their hardcore,
electronic boots and began kicking music's ass all over the place.  Currently finishing up the Take Action Tour, which featured We Came As Romans and The Used, the band are set for another major tour announcement to come within weeks.  Their singles are "The Fallout", "Oh, Catastrophe", "Makeshift Chemistry", and "Memories Of A Broken Heart".  They have, or soon will have, videos for the mentioned tracks.  My favorite song on this album has got to be none other than, "Makeshift Chemistry".  The line toward the end of the song where the vocalist simply states, and somewhat screams, "....I don't give a fuck!!!!...."-love it, love it!!  There is much energy, rage, and lyrical passion on this album.  Now, the band does have a previous release titled, LIMITLESS, which was an EP, and it did quite well for being an independent release.  It featured the upbeat and angry, "Johnny Ringo" track, which is still played live these days by the band.  Over time they have gathered an immense following, creating a popularity amongst many hardcore fans, and even some bands love their music.  I enjoy the artwork on their latest album personally, myself.  I highly suggest you pick this album up, it's only a $9.99 to $11.99 physical CD in most stores.  However, if you prefer digital, I am sure the price is around the same, if not a tad lower.  Grab up the "Empire" today!!
RATING: 9.5/10

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