Friday, February 22, 2013


8Stops7 have been around since the mid-90's.  The band had released an indie
album titled, BIRTH OF A CYNIC, before signing onto California's Warner Brothers Records, to release their biggest selling effort to date, IN MODERATION.  The album featured the hits "My Would-Be Savior", and the reluctant smash, "Question Everything".  The album is still considered a classic to some fans, and, at the time, was a sign of big things to come.  However, the band and their label split, and some wondered if that were the end of 8Stops7.  The band independently released another record, their best album, in my opinion, titled BEND.  The first single from the album, which was mainly played more locally than nationally, was called "Here Among The Wicked".  There was a music video to go along with this, though not well produced, I will admit.  Another breakthrough from BEND, was the song called "Breathing Room", and another ditty called the rocking "Satisfied".  However, things were just not panning out for Evan, the vocalist, and the band of 8Stops7.  So, after a small break, they began playing live again, got into a groove, and started a program, which was mainly fan-funded, kickstarter.  This effort is what began what is now know as one of the best independent records out there, in FABLES.  The first single from FABLES, was the smash hit "The Sting".  The video can be seen below for "Satisfied" and "The Sting" as well.  I highly recommend you digitally picking up the albums of this band that are only available as digital downloads right now, and grab up those that you can get as hard copies.  These albums are all a no-miss deal, highly suggested, and each song is unique, and lyrically deep and personal to the band's own experiences.  This is a must!
RATING: 10/10

                                           "The Sting"

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