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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kiss The Gunner's Daughter-Kiss The Gunner's Daughter

Though Kiss The Gunner's Daughter has only released this incredible EP, the band
have made one hell of a name for themselves.  They have incredible, unparalleled sounds that seem raw at times, with hooks that pull you in to just want more and more of their amazing lyrics and haunting vocals.  Two of the five tracks off of the EP stand out to me the most, and they are actually the two singles released from the effort.  "Still Here", which you can catch the music video of below, is a screamer at times, with lyrics that twist and turn, and vocals that rake the walls of your house into little balls of scrap words.  It's a true rock song, modernly speaking, of course.  My favorite song, overall, is the song they titled, "Paralyzed".  The track holds meaning to me personally, and also has an honest vibe to it, that resonates very well with the crowd and fans I believe.  My favorite, or at least one of my favorite lines in this song is, "....never give in, never without a fight....".  Those are my words to live by, words I've had no choice but to live by before in my life, and I love, love that track.  I know I  mentioned two tracks being up there as good with me, but I'm getting infected by hearing this EP spin in the players, and it hit me; you have to jam to another track, once called "Make It Through".  Lyrically deep, and intense, this one is a rocker for certain as well, and obviously has potential to infect you with wanting to hear so much more from Kiss The Gunner's Daughter.  The downfall to this release, is simply that it is just an EP.  We want more, and more!!  I recommend hitting up CD Baby at the link below, and grabbing the actual physical copy because it's cheaper than the mp3 copy, and it's bad ass.  I just got my copy this morning, and I have no regrets.  So, give this band your time, a shot, and they will not let you down....rock hard, and "kiss the gunner's daughter"!!
RATING: 10/10

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