Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Ignite-Falling (Single)

It's only been since December 2011, that I Ignite first played together, and they are
one remarkable outfit.  They've shown extreme talent, persistence, and talent.  Musically, they rock hard, shred the walls, and rake the floors with lyrics that raise the heavens as well.  The single, "Falling", is my personal favorite from their six track, self-titled EP.  I enjoy the tone of the song, the way it seems to have been mastered, and the mixing of the track is wonderful.  the vocals of Eddie Raccioppi are hard to miss, and you just find yourself jamming to the music over and over!  The guitarists, Stefan and Corey, shred the air with delight and power, leaving the crowds with astonishment and an experience they'll likely never forget.  Joe Meyer, the masterful bass player of I Ignite, lays down the thunder on the track, "Falling", and you definitely take notice within this rocker, no doubt!  Jason Rosado, lays out the punishment in the drums, and our heads bounce along.  His work should seem familiar, as he used to pound it in the bands The New Black and Element.  The track is pretty fast paced, and leaves you wanting to speed your ass down the fucking rev it up, jam to I Ignite, and lace those speakers with "Falling", then let the rest of the brilliant EP flow throughout your veins, your car, your ears, and scream and sing along with the band!!  Rock it!
RATING: 10/10

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