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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plumb-Need You Now

Plumb, otherwise known as "Tiffany Arbuckle Lee", as been singing for many,
many years now.  At the young age of 37, she is still as beautiful as ever, with that addictive and angelic vocal touch lacing her essence throughout.  Plumb's first release, I believe, was in the year of 1997, and she has not lost her touch since.  She has changed styles from time to time, but it is believed that was just to correlate with the times of life, during the moments people were dealing with in times of struggles, despair, and dreams of hope.  My favorite song from this album, which consists of thirteen solid tracks, has got to be one of the already released singles.  The track, titled "I Want You Here", speaks to me in many ways, and hits me hard emotionally for a few reasons personal, and I trust there are and will be songs on NEED YOU NOW, that will embrace your soul and heart as well.  I have no doubt about it.  I believe going physical or digital is worth it, either way.  Both versions are about $10, however, for quality, and technological reasoning, one must go with the wave of the future.  Take a trip to I-Tunes, Amazon, or a digital outlet such like that, and grab it all, or any of this beautiful talent that sounds excellent to you.  I know Plumb, somewhere with some track, will touch your soul.  More key songs are "Drifting", "Need You Now", "Cage", and my second favorite powerhouse track, "Beautiful".  Take a chance with this Plumb release, it will pierce your heart and soul, and be worth it....keep a box of tissues with you as well. :)
RATING: 9/10

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