Thursday, February 28, 2013

These Four Walls-Living To Write The End

These Four Walls are back with their second full length release, and it's yet another
hit, no doubt!  I enjoyed this album far better than their first release, which was titled, DOWN FALLS AN EMPIRE.  The first album did feature one of my favorite songs of all time, titled "Lay It Out", it is a rather catchy ass track, with emotional lyrics and passion not to be missed...definitely want to at least grab a digital download of that track, if nothing else from the first release of These Four Walls.  The latest effort, titled LIVING TO WRITE THE END, is one fantastic piece of fine work.  The first single released, was titled, "Passenger".  The song, which was also made available as an acoustic version release, shows raw emotion, and excellent vocals by their lead vocalist.  The band is composed of Steve Gibb, Gray Vickers, Chris Treeby, Brad Vickers.  Brad Vickers is also the general manager of the band.  This band has opened for many, many well known artists that have made their ways across the pond to play live, and it's been a well deserved venture, for certain.  I truly am a fan, have been honestly since DOWN FALLS AN EMPIRE.  I own both physical copies, and play them on rotation regularly.  I recommend you pick them up from one of the links below, and find a true passion from a band, you may or may not have heard about.  They are excellent, and lyrically and melodically excel.  The favorite song for me, from the LIVING TO WRITE THE END effort, has got to be the song, "Talons".  The surprise screaming vocals toward the end, after the hooks in the song, are incredible, and you just want to crank the fucker right up!!  I hope you find as much enjoy ment from this band as I did and do, rock on my friends and followers!!  Check out the video for "Passenger" below!!  Enjoy this fantastic band!!
RATING: 10/10

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