Thursday, February 28, 2013

Latenite Automatic-You Are Electric ?

Founded and formed in 2010, Latenite Automatic has been on the scene electrifying the
music world ever since.  Currently located in Canada, Vancouver to be exact, the group have been exciting crowds with show after show, and tune after tune.  My favorite track from this diverse and rather great album, is the track titled, "Ghost Love".  The beats, the trance, and the lyrical breakdowns are enough to make you crave more and more from this band.  They deliver more too, boy do they ever.  Take the songs, "This Town", Dirty Secrets", and "Follower"-they all push the envelope of the music world as we know it today.  I highly recommend you pick up a physical copy of this album today, if you're unable to locate one, it's probably due to high demand, go ahead and score a digital version to hold you over.  You can find one or both at one of the links below, for certain, no doubt!!  If you're a fan of Eric Victorino's The Limousines, or the band Interpol, this band will suit you perfectly.  Also, if you relish The Killers, grab a copy of Latenite Automatic, you will not be let down, it's a guarantee!!  Amazing talent, great music, great grooves and beats!!
RATING: 9/10

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