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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Wil Martin Project-Call On Me (Single)

For those of you not familiar with this man's talents, let me bring to your attention another
band's name: Earshot.  Earshot spawned many great hits, such as "Get Away", "Sometimes", "Not Afraid", "The Ugly Truth", "Wait", "Headstrong", and more.  The pure talent alone that Wil Martin, the vocalist of Earshot as well, owns, is so incredible.  I feel, and I am certain many do or will as well, that no matter the song, if Wil's voice touches it, it's golden.  Pure and simple.  This past Valentine's Day of 2013, or around that date, Wil put one of his more fresh tracks from his upcoming solo effort known right now by The Wil Martin Project.  That song, well, let me say it is amazing.  The track, which clocks in just under three minutes in length, is titled, "Call On Me".  Lyrically, one of the best tunes Wil has ever been a part of, ever.  My favorite line of the song is the beginning in all honesty, and I do not want to give too much away, but I love to tease, so I'll let you know the line that kicked ass for me.  It goes, "....I fall on my knees just to be close to God, but I fall to floor from your love....".  Those words, so touching, so graceful, wow!~  Believe me, once you hear this track, let alone the other songs that make up the EP due soon, you will be a fan instantly, if you're not already just from facebook or checking out the fantastic reverbnation page of Wil Martin.  I highly suggest you head to your most favorite digital retailer once this is released, and grab a copy of the entire EP, stream it on his site from one of the links below for now, and be amazed at the raw musical talent of Wil Martin.  I guarantee you will love this, or I will personally, honestly, refund your money, I stand by my guarantees as I have before, this is incredible work, go stream some now!!
RATING: 11/10

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