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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Criminal-Believe Me (Single)

Canada has done it again-unleashed a pretty solid effort here.  It's Criminal, a band
from Vancouver, has released their single, "Believe Me".  The track sounds similar to the likes of Bless The Fall, or even Senses Fail per say.  It's Criminal does an excellent job of blending electronic styles, with hardcore screams and rock.  They've cut a rather funny and "strange" music video for the single, and the song has ramped up speed in amount of plays recently added to more and more radio stations.  I think the song is pretty solid, and would suggest heading to cd baby to purchase the track digitally for sure, It is a rather honest, brutal, and solid song.  Plus, you're introduced to a new band, and therefore, new music, which is always a great day!!  Check out the video below, and the links, and watch out because It's Criminal ! is headed nowhere but up, and you may just be in the way!!  Rock on!!
RATING: 9/10
"Believe Me" Music Video Official

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