Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Allison Red-Allison Red

Oh wow, another treasure discovered on CDBaby.  I honestly saw a mere, 192k "leak"
of this record a few months back, but I refused to download it.  I had sampled it from some other site, and really enjoyed what I had heard.  These guys, though I have yet to see them live, are killer.  They recently performed with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and I am sure they blew them out of the water, no disrespect to RJA though.  Allison Red have released them as a self-titled one, and a first single and video that's been in rotation is from the track, "Damn The Illusion".  Boy, that song shreds some air!  Lyrically, it is not their strongest though, however, this is a very strong lyrical band, I must admit.  My favorite cut off this record, is the song "Fractured".  My favorite lyrics in this song, and for that matter, the entire album, are; "....I'm still learning while pages burning, it's my decision I built this prison.  I'm longing for a change, but nothing's working.".  Those lyrics mean something to me personally, and I'd like to thank the band personally for that song and those words.  I've never met this band, yet I sure hope to one day.  Another excellent song is the first track off the record, cleverly titled, "All Is On Red".  This is a killer jam, and will lace you with a groove so infectious, a cure may never come your way!  The deepest, most darkest track on the self-titled release is the one they titled, "Red 313".  I'll keep this simple, but one line in that haunting track reads something along the lines of "....I'll even sell my soul in every dream, I want to be there together-but it's over with've been taunting's your demise...".  I highly recommend you "purchase" this CD at one of the links below, where available.  The floating around the internet, 192 k rip, sounds awful, and does not at all do this record, the vocals and lyrics, or band justice.  You can tell they worked hard on this record, and they deserve a great fanbase.  Definitely check this out!!
RATING: 9.75/10

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  1. Thank you so much Jason! i cant express the gratitude! We in Allison Red did indeed worked hard on that album! The lyrics i write come from the heart. There is so much i feel when i sing. Its my passion, its my life. I have people who tell me i have helped them through a lot, but really didn't impact me until i read this today. I love doing what im doing, Tracy, Mark John,and Tony do also. It was a blessing in disguise when i started playing with these guys! These guys are the most talented, and level headed guys i have ever encountered! Just wait we have big plans, and i would like to meet you one day and thank you personally. its people like you that makes me love doing what i do! Thank you again for the support, and to all the fans!

    David McClanahan

  2. Yes indeed....very kind words. I have to agree with DavO, it's things like this review, that make all the hard work....worth it! We are very grateful for the opinion and support. Look forward to crossing paths hopefully in the near future.

    Mark Stroface'

  3. np guys....its bands like you, both musically and lyrically, that inspire me to jam to the tunes and write about them.....I enjoy the album, and will def hope to cross in the future guys!!