Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taddy Porter-Stay Golden

Taddy Porter are back!  You recall the catchy hits "Mean Bitch", or even the
infectious "Shake Me", from their first, self-titled release...if not, definitely want to get a hold of that album as well.  STAY GOLDEN, is a bit of a refresher in their music.  The songs aren't as heavy, but they contain more of a groove and a southern feel to them than prior cuts.  The first single and video, "Fever", has become a sensational hit.  It's calm, relaxing, and at the same time, it's an all out jam.  I find this track to be my favorite off the latest album.  Another infectious cut from STAY GOLDEN, has got to be the song "Changes".  This has some groove, and reminds you of some mid-70's rock.  It is a testament to how much variance Taddy Porter has really placed in their music, especially since their debut release.  "Chemicals" is a guitar-laced anthem, and gets you in a groove for the most part, yet, it seems to fall flat in the end lyrically.  Taddy Porter have done thing well the second time around, and that is that they have held true to their style and their roots.  The album does not seem as well produced and engineered as their first effort, but overall, it's a good catch for a music fan.  If you're a Stone Temple Pilots fan, a mellow Buckcherry fan, or even a Robert Randolph fanantic, you should find solace in this record.  I recommend picking it up digitally, and just grab the tracks that sound appealing to you, at least the recommendations for sure.  Great, southern rock is rare these days, just ask The Black Crowes.
RATING: 8/10

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