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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bring Me The Horizon-Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon are going to hit us hard this April with their new release,
SEMPITERNAL.  The first single from this rocking album, "Shadow Moses", is incredible!  The music video is incredible as well, and is featured below.  The album is full of tracks that rake the ground and spit hardcore spirits in your fucking face!  For example, the song, "The House of Wolves", lyrically one of their best ever, has the band tearing the walls down with every ounce of energy that never seemed reachable.  Wow, what an album!  "Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake" is a little less brilliant lyrically, but overall, the screaming is deafening, and the track is easily my favorite on the album, especially the way it fits on this record.  I truly enjoyed this release, and hope and believe that you will as well.  So, that I do not give too much away, a final track that I believe will rip your roofs off, is the song ""Hospital For Souls".  This is one hell of a track and the fact that it's the standard version's ending track, is fitting, as you will soon see once you acquire the record.  I highly recommend you pick this record up, somewhere toward the end of April, it's a must!
RATING: 9/10

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