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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Dustin Bates has a new project, and let the "transmissions" begin.  The latest band, Starset, started an internet and radio buzz some months back, upon people everywhere hearing the lead single, "My Demons".  The track is strong, dark, and uniquely identifies with the fans and listeners anywhere.  Check out the video below, courtesy of Starset's Youtube page, and hear the distinction between decent rock, and what Starset is defined as, and that's incredible rock n' roll, with some life-lacing melodies.  Another song from their debut is titled, "Dark On Me".  This, if you were not aware, was once a song from Dustin's other project, Downplay.  "Dark On Me" presents the same atmosphere to us, as "My Demons" does.  However, this song gives you a more "hopeless", or empty feeling that life can abandon us with, and shows how black this world can, and just how cruel.  "Down With The Fallen", the second track off the album, is brilliant, addictive, and simply, brilliant.  This one is catchy, has a little bit of a symphonic sound to it, and leaves us with a "breathtaking" feeling to say the least!  Some other favorites are the catchy and vibrant, perfect lyrically laced one called, "Halo".  This one is infectious, driven, and such a good song.  Lyrics such as "....send out the signal and I'll fly low", leaves the public and the fans in general quite breathless.  "The Future Is Now", let's us all hear some "growling" by this talented band, and some "soothing" sounds also.  It seems that each track, which is designed to be a "transmission" from the "Starset Universe", and the band, all have a imposing feel of smoothness and you can definitely jam to this!  My favorite song is called "Rise And Fall".  I mean, "wow" doesn't begin to describe this one!  It definitely let's out emotion, clean vocals are well done, and you can "feel" the vibrant growling within this song so well, it would surely make you rock harder, and harder!  "Telescope" displays Starset's ability to relay some emotional darkness, and combine it with a radiant feel, proves again to us that this band has what it takes to thrive in this world's music industry.  Last, I must say that "Carnivore", which is definitely radio-ready, is so imposing and relentless, you cannot even begin to ignore the track on the album.  It's in reference to a space station symbolism matter, called "The Department Of Civil Vigilance And Recovery".  This track gets stuck in your head with a strong, addictive, and unique chorus.  Overall, the album "Transmissions", is packed with thirteen songs that will leave you with an astonishing take on the band, their music, and the bright future they have set in motion for themselves.
Rating: 5.0/5.0

 Starset-"My Demons"

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