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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alaina Blair-Here I Am

"Alive Again", Alaina's lead single from her third release, doesn't even begin to describe how strong this release is!  Wow!  With seven strong tracks, and an excellent price, "Here I Am" is definitely worth every penny.  Let me just say I love this record.  You're also treated to blazing guitars by the man himself, Mr. Billy Alexander!  Love this!  With powerful and strong drumming by Tony Morra, it becomes even more of such a treat to grab "Here I Am".  "Throw It All Away", the first song on the release, was written by Billy Alexander and Melanie Joe.  Melanie, you may know, has some good music of her own out now.  This song is delicate, yet throws you into such a groove, even the windows dance when you crank this tune up!  The third song on the album is called "Here Tonight", and this one is a smooth, cozy effort that makes you think about life more and more.  Great song, indeed.  My favorite on "Here I Am", I would say is "Give Myself Over", which is the fourth song on the LP.  With unique bass play by bassist Sean Barrett, and eclectic electric piano/organ done by Mike Stockalper, "Give Myself Over" just seems to resonate with myself so much, I honestly cannot describe it any better than to say, "buy this"!  Other stand out tracks include "I Will", "Tears Never Fell", and "Life Is Beautiful".  Overall, I've said this time and time again, you seriously need to grab this one up, especially if you're into discovering new artists, and enjoy smooth pop music, or country as well.  Alaina Blair and crew are so dynamic on this release.  Alaina has improved from her first release, the EP titled "Gypsy Girl", to her first solo record, and now "here" she is with the unbelievable "Here I Am".  Find out for yourself today!
RATING: 5.0/5.0
Buy this, and love it!!

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