Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ascending Dawn-Coalesce

You think of rock, and many bands come to your brain.  Typically, it remains the same, as those bands continue to pound out album, after single, after EP, anything they can do for radio.  Yet, you still find yourself missing something, and I think I have what you're missing.  Welcome in the band, Ascending Dawn. Hailing from all over this earth, the band is composed of pure talent.  The vocalist Marlain, the guitar and drumming skills of Mark Weatherley, the welcomed Owen Rees, and the thunderous bass player herself, Constanze Hart.  The lead single throttles it's way into our minds with amazing vocals, and talented composure.  "Cannonball" let's loose with soaring vocals, and a relentless beat that seems to hook you in.  The first track that kicks off the record, and my favorite track of the nine presented on the effort, is titled "All In Now".  I can honestly say I was "floored" when I first heard this tune!  The constant measures of beats, the incredible vocals, and the mist of lyrics allows us, the fans, become one with the song.  "Indiscretion" lends it's hand in ending the album on an awesome high note!  With devastating music, and that unmistakeable voice, this one is my second favorite song, as it reaches into the depths of our souls to let us know, this album and band are for real.  Other stand outs include, but not limited to, "Opposites", Simplify", and "Miscommunication".  Although, that being said,I don't think you will be disappointed with any track from "Coalesce", which drops mid-November of this year, 2014.  Let your breath take in the tune "Integral" and you will be left, flat out breathless, I promise you that!  "Inside The Silence" is an ear-dropping, and "shock and awe" to the radio that is blaring this amazing sense of music, that quite simply leaves us all without words.  To end this note, I didn't want to leave out the most composed, and promising song, "Opaque".  I want to keep this track's description a secret, I mean, why spoil it all for everyone?  Just believe and understand that come mid-November, you will feel the rock!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

"Get Ready To Rock!"


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