Thursday, September 25, 2014

Slipknot- .5: The Gray Chapter

It's been some time ago, since this metal band has let loose with their vibrant renditons of the "darker side" of this life we all live.  Now, we are fortunate enough to hear the most haunting epic piece ever given by the powerhouse known as, Slipknot.  With the lead single from this latest record, they showed us they mean fucking business!  "The Negative One" us a rocker!  With riffs so hard, and a chorus we couldn't forget, this single let us into this darkness that Slipknot has let out.  "The Devil In I" was to follow "The Negative One", and with that we got to hear a bit more of Slipknot's diversity.  The single's cover art was even more eerie and darker than I had first imagined it being, as it hit my desk for promotional purposes.  I really love that song, but it's not my favorite from this epic release.  My favorite track from "The Gray Chapter" effort is titled, "The One That Kills The Least".  This one is killer without a doubt.  It redefines music brutality, and expels strong and epic lyrics that make us fans desire for more darkness and anger to fill our music-loving minds.  Of course there is more strength to this album than those songs.  You dive into some real metal with the track "Killpop".  The song, which is number five on the album, a third of the through-reels us into an abyss of hard metal.  Gone are the relentless screams of agony and frustrations that defined Slipknot some years ago, and in are the angry riffs and thunderous vocals by Corey Taylor.  Of course Corey was busy with his other project known as Stone Sour lately, so perhaps he learned how to harness his anxiety and anger.  You can tell by this release, that Corey did just that.  "Custer" is flat out bad-ass!  "Be Prepared For Hell" is an example of finely tuned song writing skills, and they are matched with a drastic change of metal and heavy rock n' roll.  This song is very good at pounding are brains in, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with when this album drops on October 21st, 2014.  Some other favorites off this record are "Custer", "Sarcastrophe"-which is brilliant to say the least, and the epic fundamentally sound of "If Rain Is What You Want".  "If Rain Is What You Want" is much like the former stronghold of the past beautiful track called, "Snuff".  I highly recommend this album, especially for the deluxe version, which features two bonus tracks known as "The Burden" and "Override".  Those two bonus tracks won't let you down, I guarantee it!  You may want to grab this early and pray that the shipping people get it to you earlier than the 21st, because people will for sure be talking about this for months and years to come, no doubt.  However, be known that this album does have a couple weaknesses.  With "Nomadic" and the song "Lech", we are left with some songs that seem to be "fillers" for the whole album, which is the main reason I recommend grabbing up the deluxe edition.  It all makes up for it, and in the end, we are all left with an album to be reckoned with, that is for certain!
Rating: 4.5/5.0
"The Devil In I"

 Official Video.

Darkness Has Entered Our Souls....Get Fucking Ready!

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