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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prime Circle-Evidence

Prime Circle have returned with their latest, and best album to date, EVIDENCE.
I've had both the digital and hard copy of this release for a few months now, however, I have been hesitant to review it because I am such a huge fan of their music, and was not sure if I could present my honest opinion upon approach.  I believe I am able to though, after hearing this album enough now, and being able to compare it to other good, solid records out there today.  EVIDENCE is a strong, great effort.  The first single was, "Time Kills Us All", and it peaked at number one in South Africa's radio markets internationally.  The band has had sold out show, after sold out show.  I paid, to be quite honest, over $35 US for the hard copy, from a store in South Africa, but to me, this album is pretty much worth that, understanding the import and tax ordeals.  There are excellent tracks throughout this masterpiece, such has the current and second single, "Evidence", which is a straight rocker, and a thrill to jam to, anytime and place.  My favorite song on the record is a song called, "Answers".  Lyrically, I believe it is strong, and emotionally, Ross, the lead vocalist of the band, pours it out.  Speaking of pouring it out, he also does so in a little track called "Only Way Out".  That is an incredible track as well.  The band haunts us with their sounds on the tearful, "Room Of Ghosts", with lyrics like " I'm walking on air....finding my way...saying all I have to say right now....since you're hiding in a room of ghosts're not the same.....".  Love it!  If I had to pick a weakness, I'm not sure there is one, to be perfectly honest, but I would pick the song "King For A Day".  The main reason for choosing this track as a possible weakness, is simply that I feel lyrically, it is not the strongest, and emotionally it lets up somewhat, as a whole.....still though, I highly recommend this record, without any doubt.  Right now, the exclusive bonus track version is still out there, with the thirteenth track being a bonus track titled, "Evidence (acoustic version)".  The acoustic mix is pretty tight in case you ponder what that may sound like as well.  Definitely check out one of the links below, and the video.  If you want this album, nothing will stand in your way, it's a wonderful piece of work, trust me.  Contact me on facebook if you're having trouble getting ahold of this release, and honestly want to obtain it.  Thank you much!  Enjoy the music, rock on!!
RATING: 10+/10

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