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Monday, February 11, 2013

3 Quarters Dead-The Cycle Of Dust

                        So, you like metal?  Well, you better...because 3 Quarters Dead will flatten your ass with this album!  The intro, titled "The Exodusters", is pretty sweet.  Then, you slammed face first with the first full length track they enjoy calling, "Oblivion".  My favorite song, on this entire CYCLE OF DUST effort is the third song, "Plaything".  There a bit more of a melodic rock effort here, and this is just the radio shortened edit, but fear not, there is some screaming....and it comes at moments in which you perhaps don't expect it.  This album caught be by surprise for a few reasons, to be honest.  One reason being that I honestly never heard of the band until another band, Screaming For Silence, brought them to my attention.  Second reason is that, well, they aren't signed to a major label right now, and after hearing this album, I cannot figure out how that   This is one excellent band.  Lyrically, they are full of anger, sadness, heart break, emotional ups and downs, and life's struggles.  They can pull off the screaming like no other as well, which I personally enjoy.  A favorite lyric of mine that they have lies within the track, "Sometimes".  "Now can you see that the world doesn't care if you live or you die, so say your goodbyes".......also the pulse of the words....."I hate myself sometimes.....".  That song is strong, much like ones that follow it, like "Pinebox, "Cutting Myself", and "Tongue Of Razors".  If there is a weaker part of the album, I would place the track, "Divinity" in that position.  The song is good, don't get me wrong, but if one were to rank them, it would be on the weaker side.  I compare this album to early, and really good, Taproot.  If you have Taproot's albums GIFT or WELCOME, then you'd more than likely see some sort of connection.  That being said, I do see the lyrics and screams being a little better with 3 Quarters Dead, and hopefully 3 Quarters Dead will keep doing this like they do, and not end up like Taproot  No disrespect to Taproot, I enjoy what they do now, but miss the old style as well.  Overall, I enjoyed this release, and would recommend it to anyone that wants to rock, if you're headed to Columbus, Ohio's Rock On The Range Show this year, or a vacation, or some trip, this would be a great album to take with you, It's worth the money whether you download it, or purchase a hard copy.  If they come around your area, definitely hit up a show.....I'm positive it will be memorable!!
RATING: 10/10



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  1. I agree whole heartadly with this review! I live near the band and have seen them several times live, not only are they a badass band live, you can feel the emotion they are projecting thru every song they play! They are a great group of guys off the stage and killer artists in there profession! Must hear! Must see!!

  2. thanks Crash29.......I enjoyed them, it was my first time really hearing them thoroughly, and it will not be my last.....they rock!