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Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue October-"The Scar" (Single)

                       Blue October have another dark, twisted, yet beautiful, hit on their hands....and this time it's called "The Scar".  Justin Furstenfeld, the emotion behind the band, shines again with his manic depressive, bi-polar lyrics, and his stirred around anger.  There is such beauty in about every track I've heard from Blue October, or read about.  Justin, who is currently prepping for his spoken word tour on his new book, has been dealing with mental health issues for years, and the music has been a lot of his therapy, sometimes it shows, and sometimes he hides it well.  With "The Scar", we get a lot of twisted lyrical content.  Lyrically, we get to go down paths like, "...I choked up the dirt, completely hurt....I ran straight through them all....".  Justin would go forward to stain us with "....Yeah to wake is such a dreaded thing, to sleep is such a hole.  I eat without your company, I drink until I unfold.......and now hear the end of everything..".  The track is a little over five minutes long, but it is the lead single to a forthcoming Spring release album, so to spend a buck, or a buck and some odd change at I-Tunes, is worth it.  This is one excellent song, both musically, and lyrically.  I enjoy it, and I'd venture to guess you will to.....if you're into that raw passion that exists within music.
RATING: 9/10
                                                                                Blue October



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