Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dark New Day-Hail Mary

                     Dark New Day are no stranger to the music scene.  Their previous release, NEW TRADITION, sold moderately well, and stirred up excitement amongst their fanbase, both current and past, that  future releases were upon us.  If you recall, Dark New Day released their first album back in 2005, titled TWELVE YEAR SILENCE.  The effort had the hits "Brother", and "Follow The Sun Down".  "Brother", was a favorite amongst radio the most, causing a stir, also because of who the band was composed of.  The band featured Clint Lowery, his brother Corey Lowery, Brett Hestla, Will Hunt, and Troy McLawhorn-all famous musicians from bands like Stereomud, Evanescence, Sevendust, Virgos Merlot, Creed, Stuck Mojo, Skrape, and Tommy Lee.  HAIL  MARY was released, along with an album of B-Sides, as digital downloads, early last year, for a limited time only.  This time, they delivered on a promise and gave fans what they wanted, a physical copy for collective purposes, and the way it was meant to be presented.  Here, we finally have, HAIL MARY.  The album kicks off with a bang, in the track, "Goodbye".  The song jerks your attention to the core of rock, and the essence of music is heard as you begin to get lyrically reeled in by words like, ...."this time...I'll never heal....".  You can feel the anger, the torment, along with the song.  "Vicious Thinking", has more of a catchy hook, a kind of pop mix to it, and is not necessarily a rocker on the album, but fits nicely at track three, nonetheless.  If you want a rocker, crank up the track, ""Saddest Song", with " are a are the saddest song ever're unforgiven...".  Lyrically, the song is one of the best on the album.  My favorite track, overall, on this album, has got to be "Fiend".  It has strong lyrics, angry tones, and aggression that fits this band very well.  It is the heaviest, in my opinion, on this record, but I believe you will jam to it as well.  If you are a fan of Shinedown, Sevendust, or even some Alter Bridge, this record should appeal to you.  If this would be the first time you hear this band, grab the other two released hard copies, because they are worth every dollar you spend, whether at a music store, Best Buy, or even I-Tunes or Amazon.  I definitely recommend this album for any rock fan out there!
RATING: 8.5/10




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