Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bullet For My Valentine-Temper Temper

                              Overall the album is better than expected, I was afraid to listen at first because of the 2 terrible singles. "Breaking Point" is a great opener but could have been more intensive and lyrically better. "Truth Hurts" is probably my favorite track on the album, awesome lyrics as well. "Temper Temper" still sounds like a raw, bad mixed demo song, don't like it. "P.O.W" is alright, good lyrics and stuff. "Dirty Little Secret" is weak, flat at first but when the solo comes in-just wow, good one. "Leech", my second fav, fast, and lyrically intensive. I wish there would be more tracks on the album like this. "Dead to the World" reminds me of Road to Nowhere, the solo is awesome! "Riot", meh not so good. "Saints & Sinners" is another highlight on the album, sounds like an outtake from Fever album but better, the solo part is epic! Well, well "Tears Don't Fall Part II". "Lets go again!" Fuck yea. The original is way better without any doubt, but lyrically as good as the original. The closer track, "Livin Life" is just simply good.

The solos are improved well, but I missing the melodies on the album, probably that's why this album is not that catchy nor memorable for me. If there would be more screams and better lyrics content, it would be my third favorite Bullet album, but comparing to the older materials, its the worst.

RATING: 9/10


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