Monday, February 4, 2013


                       There has been a lot of "overhype" about this record being overproduced and sounding like shit.  I can promise you, it sounds great.  The fact that the lead vocalist, the man running things, Chris Brown (not the woman beater), only adds to the power of this album.  First, you get the raw brutality of "Bring It".  The song that never gets old is "Love Hate Relationship"", which ironically follows as track number two.  If you're lucky enough to obtain the deluxe edition, you acquire acoustic versions of smash hits from the REBORN effort, and the rare classic, "Avelyn".  This, to me, is likely the second best Trapt album released so far.  The first, being the timeless, SOMEONE IN CONTROL,which featured the pulsating hit, "Stand Up".  REBORN also features the catchy tune, "Strength in Numbers", and the final track on the standard edition, titled, "You're No Angel".  Both songs resonate with authority, and leave their musical marks.  I recommend this album to any rock fan, Trapt fan, alternative fan, or even a new rock fan, because this will indeed, grab your attention.

RATING: 8/10


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