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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Killswitch Engage-"In Due Time" (Single)

                            Killswitch Engage is back, and this time they brought their original powerhouse vocalist with them.  Jesse Leach, who voice tore through Killswitch Engage's early effort, ALIVE OR JUST BREATHING.  Though, the band has been successful with a different singer along the way, there can be no denying from critics, or their fans, that with their latest single, "In Due Time", the band is as strong as ever.  With powerful riffs, strong hooks, and brutal vocals, Jesse has moshpits twirling and bashing even right when the song is just beginning.  There is little doubt that this summer will be the summer of metal, who needs Ozzfest, when you have these strong bands, these metal-laced strongholds, holding ground and marching on ?  "In Due Time" is an indication as to what is to come on their new album, due out April 2nd of this year, 2013, that the "descent" is upon us!
RATING: 8/10

                                                                                          Killswitch Engage



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