Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                   Spoken, as a band, have been around for many years....and they still got what it takes.  Their latest studio album, titled, ILLUSION, will grab your attention from the get go....."I am not alone, I am not alone...." lyrically pulls you in with the lead track, "Stand Alone".  The first single released a couple of months back, "Through It All", is very reminiscent of a song that would have fit perfectly on their highly successful album, LAST CHANCE TO BREATHE.  To be quite honest, after a disappointing self-titled release by Spoken for their previous album, and a so-so song release in the track, "Dagger", I had assumed this band was over with.  Well, I sure was wrong.  As the album goes, it was just an "illusion".  My favorite track off the effort is a track called "Don't Go".  There is some angst, belief, and melody in this tune that hooks me, and I can jam to this for hours on repeat....I can see this as another single, or a concert favorite for sure.  "More Than You Know" and the song, "Remember The Day", follow the same formula as the track "Through It All", though a little less polished, as far as I am concerned.  Great effort though, nonetheless.  The heaviest track off this album is called, ""Shadow Over Me".  It reminds you of a track left off their previous full length album, though this track is a little more polished up.  The screams are way better as well.  For a softer side of the band, the album ends nicely with "Illusion", "Tonight", and "Calm the Storm".  These are all three brilliant tracks, but fall just short of the energy-laced anthems before them.  Overall, I know some stores are selling this album on sale at a ridiculously cheaper price, like $7.99 or so, so I would definitely go purchase this, I know I've already preordered it.  I guarantee it will be worth it.  Rock on!!
RATING: 9.5/10




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