Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Push The Sky Away

              Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds still have that "drawing you in" power.  With their latest release, PUSH THE SKY AWAY, they band has not shined away from their texture sound, nor vocal harmonies.  With the lead song, "We No Who U R" and the following song, "Wide Lovely Eyes"; the music brings back all the memories of what drew us to Nick Cave in the first place.  Lyrically, the band hasn't changed much, if anything, they grew stronger, and with a more tense attitude than prior efforts.  "Jubilee Street" and "Water's Edge" are more of your typical tracks that one would come to expect from Nick Cave.  The tracks are perfect in rhythm and the vocals flow like angry waterfalls.  If they remind you at all of any other artist or artists, think of Johnny Cash, Ben Harper, or even the great Leonard Cohen.  This band has low points on this album, but few if any.  The songs, "Finishing Jubilee Street", "Mermaids", and "We Real Cool", are fine for the ear and soul, but I would not suggest repeat too much on those tracks.  Though, everyone owns their own opinion.  My favorite track from this album, is the final song, "Push The Sky Away".  It is daunting, riveting, and grabs your soul with a warm hand.  The album cover is perfect for this, as is the album title.  I've seen this record for sale, for about $9.99 most place, perhaps $11.99.  Either way, I would definitely go buy this, or hit up I-tunes, and do yourself a favor and take a sample run, and get a hold of your faves!!

RATINGS: 9.5/10
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