Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kelen Heller-LTD EP

                                     Few bands release EPs that are worth much, but one track.....lately though, you'll find bands like Requiem For The Dead and Ice Nine Kills, are giving the fans what they want, and that is good, well-crafted music.  Well, fans, Kelen Heller has delivered as well.  With this five-track masterpiece, the band has made it's case as a legitimate contender as the "next big thing".  "Never Lived", the first cut released by the band, has been tearing up radios at college campuses everywhere, and also made it's impact on mainstream rock, edge radio.  This song will get the vibe flowing, your feet moving...I can see why this was picked as the first single.  My favorite track, titled, "Burn It All", is so addicting.  The song is about letting tension get too high, letting things get to people too much, and the consequences of that idea.  It is one of those tracks that can be very, very addicting.  I highly suggest, if you pick up any track off their I-Tunes catalog, I would grab this one, hands down.  Other tracks, such as, "Without The Pain" and "So Deserving", aren't fillers either.  They pound hard, help you want to rock, and they certainly are concert or live tracks to be caught in person.  To complete the EP, the final track of the five, titled, "Nothing Ever Breaks", is very close to my top song off this EP.  The song is the be lyrically overall off the EP, and it hopefully leads us into a powerful, strong album to come down the road.  I highly suggest picking this up at a show of theirs, or off of I-tunes today!
                                                                              RATING: 9.5/10




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