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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mallory Knox-Signals

                         What can I say that has not already been said or read about this new band?  WOW!  With a familiar scheme to their music tone, yet a refreshing voice, it seems like the perfect blend.  I first discovered them before they released this album, titled SIGNALS.  They had played a show, opening up for a national act.  Their live performance will blow you away, when you have the chance to catch them on tour, I suggest you do not miss out on that!!  As for the album itself, it has good vibes, and a pretty decent "flow" to it overall.  The lead track, "Beggars", is catchy and will for sure help get your groove going, if it's not yet, it surely will soon.  My favorite track, is the second song off this album, and that track is "Lighthouse".  This is a bit more mellow of a song, but very catchy, and it hooked me instantly.....I love this one!!  If you grab anything from this review, or are still unsure, "Lighthouse" is a must, hands down!  "1949", Bury Your Head", and the haunting "Creeper" are tracks off this record that pull the listener in as well, but they seem to lack the energy that the first half of the album has.  That's okay though, because lyrically, they are incredibly written, and well produced for our pleasure.  As a whole, I would have to recommend you head to I-Tunes, buy the entire record, and relax to it, and jam to it, all at's that type of thing.  Great stuff!

RATING: 8.5/10



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