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Friday, February 8, 2013

Screaming For Silence-Relentless

                            What a straight rocker!!  Though only five songs deep, this EP is worth every effort, every penny you put into it.  If you haven't heard the lead single, the first track, "Separate", you haven't been listening to much variety, because you are sorely missing out.  This is the track that caught my ears at first last year, and Ive been a fan of Zeb (vocalist) and the gang since.  The song is very catchy, under three minutes long, and just jerks you in at all the right's a must!!  Another track, titled "Helpless" reigns strong as well.  I tell you, this band is a powerful force, and I'll admit I have not had a chance to catch this Midwest band live yet, but I will find a way one day, and I hope they tear the place up like it feels they will.  You definitely want to head to I-Tunes, spend a few bucks, and get this entire EP, if not, I promise you'll wish you had.  "Pieces" is sort of a transitional song, a little different than the first few on the EP, but it is also a little crafty and lyrically the strongest track on this masterpiece.  In the end, it will be hard to pick a favorite, there is also the end track, "Eddie $$$", and the swift "You Play, I Deal".  Bottom line is that it's five tracks, and it will hook you, it's a great independent, hard working band, and they love their fans!!  Let's show some love back, let's be "relentless", and request them on satellite radio, local radio, anywhere.....they rock!

RATING: 10/10
                  Screaming For Silence

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