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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fiction Killer-"All My Enemies Are Dead" (Single)

                    Wow.  This song kicks into high gear right away, and you never stop grooving to it.  With a vocalized intro, it lyrically takes the music world with a vengeance.  "You're going to get what you deserve...." so screams the angry vocals of Omar Montanez, along with the raging guitar and programming of Ty Oliver, and the entire track is laced with the drums of Samus Paulicelli and the thunderous bass power of Finn Stobbe.  I've repeated the track three times now, causing me to delay getting this review, but my God, you have no idea what you're in for next week.  Fiction Killer is set to blow you away, and they're giving us it all for free....what more can one ask for?  In the beginning of the track, it's repeated that "this is not reality, not reality...."'ll feel that way because reality doesn't have music this incredibly good.  "All My Enemies Are Dead" might just get me evicted from my apartment, but I can blame Ty for that, or the "This song has screams, angst, haunting echoes, and lyrics that have me stirring up right now, wanting the whole album's becoming a craving.   This, all I'll say, is going to be an amazing Valentine's Day present for anybody that grabs it up.  If you do not, you do not know music.  You also are deaf. LoL.  Fiction Killer is on the scene now, get ready people!

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