Friday, February 8, 2013

Orianthi-"Frozen" (Rock Radio Edit Single)

                              Orianthi has come a long way, but she hasn't slowed down.  She is the younger Joss Stone, even working with familiar music legend Dave Stewart.  The lead single from her new, upcoming album, due this March is called, "Frozen".  It rocks, to say the least.  With pulse-driven guitar as usual, played, and vocals driven by soul, Orianthi has stood her ground again.  If you're into blues and rock, or some soul music, this track is a must for you.  I know the album is about a month away, but I highly suggest picking this radio rock edit up off I-tunes right away, you won't be sorry.  Lyrically, it starts weak, but please don't be fooled, it picks up, makes you want to dance, catch a groove, and then you really get into the rock and roll spirit that Orianthi brings to the stage and radio each and every time.
RATING: 8.25/10

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