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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday 13-The Dixie Dead

                    Horror Punk artist, Wednesday 13 is back, again, and claims "hell has come home".  Well, I can say this much, he brought a truckload of the "f-bomb" with him on this album.  This record though, as a whole is far better than previous albums by Wednesday.  SKELETONS, FANG BANG, and TRANSYLVANIA 90210, were really close to solid throughout, but this album, THE DIXIE DEAD, is brilliantly crafted and well worked.  Leads off with a melodic intro, not much to it, nothing fancy....then kicks ass, rams into high gear with the song, "Blood Sucker".  I love the song, it's my top track of the record.  There are so many catchy tracks from the album, I believe if you would prefer the standard edition release, it is only $7.99 at Best Buy the week it is released, which is 02/19/2013.  It's worth all that, and a few more bucks, whether there or digitally on I-tunes or Amazon.  Another song, destined to be a catchy "classic" one is, "Hail Ming".  "Hail Ming" is riddled with guitar riff after riff, and pounds the music into the air for your pleasure.  "Fuck You(In Memory Of..)", is somewhat funny, a catchy tune, and will grab your attention for fucking sure.....amazing lyricist is this mastermind we call, Wednesday 13.  Grab yourself a copy, anyway you can on February 19th, 2013. :)
RATING: 9/10



                                                                                 Wednesday 13


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