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Thursday, February 14, 2013


                        Buckcherry are back, and better than ever.  CONFESSIONS is their latest effort, and it
throws us all kinds of rock and roll riffs and lyrical twists.  Their current single, "Gluttony", is simple, and straight forward rock.  Lyrically, it's to the point, repeating over and over "...I want, I want, I want.....I need it, I need it, I need.....".....however, catchy is good in this track's case.  "Wrath", is a bit of a slower track, but allows lead singer, Josh Todd's vocals to shine a bit more than previous songs, and really helps to balance this effort as a whole.  Some other sins, such as "Pride", "Envy", and "Lust", help to power this rockin' machine of a record.  Century Media has done well with the band on the album, and it shows very well with this release, both standard and deluxe versions.  My favorite song of the entire album, I will admit, is the song, "Greed".  I think it is lyrically the strongest track on the record, and vocally balanced very, very well.  One of the finest lyrics on the record has got to be from this track, "....I don't care 'cause I want it bad, the consequences-they don't fucking matter, everyone's going mad.......'cause greed will drive you mad.......I'm a cold motherfucker that never gets screwed....".  The deluxe version contains two bonus tracks as well, and the best out of the two is the rocker, "When The Fire Starts".  The song is very deep lyrically, and shows that Buckcherry has not lost their edge at all, if anything, they've become stronger and much, much better as a whole.  Also, the deluxe version has a quite simple dvd, which includes the music video for "Gluttony", a lyric video for "Gluttony" as well, a behind the scenes look at the music video, and the band's meanings and stories behind the album, CONFESSIONS.  Grab this, no doubt.

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