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Friday, February 15, 2013

Gift Giver-Daddy Issues

                      Talk about a hard-hitting, in your face band.  Gift Giver are quite the force, I must say.  If you have yet to even hear of them, first note that this release, their first, is an EP, and contains six tracks.  Next, note that it's very explicit, and worth every single dollar you spend, whether on digital outlets, or on their facebook/storenvy fronts.  It bought it both ways, still awaiting the physical copy, which was just placed today.  My favorite track, is the album title track, "Daddy Issues".  The lyrical content is very vulgar, but bad ass, mosh pit attitude-worthy, no doubt.  If you are into the screamers, the Hatebreed, Beartooth, The Word Alive-type of music, this band is certainly down your alley.  The lyrics "....just kill yourself, why don't you just kill yourself.  Just kill yourself, why don't you kill yourself?  Just fucking kill yourself......I didn't need you anyway, all I wanted was an apology."-WOW.  That is pretty much brutal, and the track is just around three minutes long, but worth every second.  Each track has it's own sense of brutality, with lines such as "....I fucking hope your world falls apart everytime you hear my name..." on the track, "2 Face"; or the laced up lineage power of "Lowlife" with  "'s just not the fucking same, you're just nothing to me.  Those days are just dead and gone and I'm leaving.".  Other tracks pound the pavement as well, such as "Scumbag", "Body Snatcher", and the second best track in my opinion, "Chatterbox".  Overall, especially for the money, this Michigan-based band, is worth it.  I'm a fan now, and will be for a long time to come, there's no doubt.  Pick up a few tracks digitally to give 'em a try, or buy the entire EP today, trust me, you will not be let down, or I'll pay the difference!  Peace.
RATING: 10/10




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