Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dead End Amelia-The Sound Of Awakening

                            Dead End Amelia have been around a few years, but this recent release, THE SOUND OF AWAKENING, really grabbed my attention.  The mood and tone of this record is mellow, somewhat "moody", and dark all at the same time.  I really enjoy this album overall.  The band has a previous EP release, from 2011, in which includes a Deftones cover of "Change (In The House Of Flies)".  It's pretty solid.  A major highlight from the latest release, for me, is the song "Your Silhouette".  This track clocks in a little over five minutes long, but is rather enjoyable throughout.  With infectious hooks, and melodies, the female vocals of lead vocalist, Krista Lee, really wrap your soul with the music.  I have a favorite track, as usual, and it's their current single, and video as well.  The track is titled, "Better Off This Way".  To me, this one holds more of an ambient tone than anything else as a whole.  Lyrically, it is the strongest song on the album as far as I am concerned, and vocally as well.  "...I can't sleep at night...I can't keep fighting this moment, while you're so beautiful....".....the lyrics obviously are times.  However, I like the blend of the male background vocals...they are pitched at a perfect sound level, not too high and just fitting enough for Krista's vocals.  The second best track, and the one that led me to buy this record, was the song "You're Not Alone".  I really was close to having this as my favorite track overall, but perhaps it was the fact it goes a little over six minutes, or the fact that "Better Off This Way" had the video to enhance the emotional connection with the song, which led me to having it as second best/favorite.  I highly suggest you just purchase the entire album as a whole, it's elegant, pleasing, and satisfying overall.  Check out more at a link below, and decide as you will, but feel free to love the music, it is amazing, that is one thing about it for sure.....more to come!!

RATING: 9.5/10


                                                                                 Dead End Amelia



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