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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blessthefall-Hollow Bodies

Well, if you have been to the Warped Tour recently, you know this band well.  They headlined, they
crushed the stage, they crowd surfed, they shredded mics, they tore shit up, and now they have written all their blood into a little album they penned as HOLLOW BODIES.  This one, my friends, is quite the masterpiece, in a beautiful, brutal way.  It features guest appearances from the beautiful voice of Lights, and the hardcore vocals from the Stick To Your Guns' front man, Jesse Barnett.  Their first single, cleverly titled "You Wear a Crown, but You're No King", blisters your mind with rage and excitement.  It makes your hair quiver and the earth around you shake.  Jump, jump, you know that you wanna!!  Kicking the record into high gear, is the powerful tune, "Exodus" !  This one if quite simply, filthy.  My favorites of the album are the third off the album, the title of the album, "Hollow Bodies", and the song the features the harmonies of the females vocalist Lights, titled "Open Water".  These are my highlights off this August 20th release.  There are some obvious fillers, such as the songs "The Sound of Starting Over" and "See You on The Outside".  However, to really appreciate this album, there is a song called "Buried in These Walls".  This song is incredibly well pieced together, and quite the masterpiece overall.  It is one of there best efforts to date.  HOLLOW BODIES shows definite growth as a band for Blessthefall, and I know the fans will not come out of this purchase disappointed at all, and will feel quite rewarded.
Rating: 9.5/10

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