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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Ahh, yes, Ryan McCombs has returned to Soil.!!  This is a welcomed return, indeed.
Soil was sorely missing his presence, during the time he was roaring his vocals throughout Drowning Pool's stage performances, and sales went up dramatically.  Eventually, Ryan found something in his heart, inside his talent, he found his home.  Soil.  With the new release, the album is titled WHOLE.  The cover, which was derived from an article that a member of the band read at an airport, is rather point blank as to what the album is all  Kicking off with the pounding thriller, "Loaded Gun", the song roars with the familiarity of the band's days of their album SCARS, and REDEFINE.  The kicker on this record is the roar of "The Hate Song" and the track, which is number ten off the record, "Little Liar".  There are a couple of slower moments on the record, one which I found a bit odd, the final track, called "One Love".  The song, though different, does set them apart, which makes this a differentiated release.  Soil makes a rock album shine with the release, and has done it with Ryan at the helm again, and the roar has been heard again, and again!  On the 20th of August, grab a copy of WHOLE where you can, and dig into the music, Soil style!
RATING: 9.25/10

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