Sunday, August 11, 2013

Blue October-Sway

After some years off, and an awesome book written, not to mention-well written; Justin Furstenfeld has returned to glory with this epic release.  Due to be unleashed with butterflies on August 20th, 2013, the band will surprise the shit out of the fans and the reviewer with the record's tone.  I will admit, there are dark moments in and out of this album, but overall, this is a much lighter effort, the lyrics are all there, the passion has grown brighter, and the fans seem to have gotten what they really wanted in the end, a much mentally healthier vocalist of the band.  Justin, with whom you are aware battles mental health ordeals, which I, myself, the reviewer do daily as well, can feel him on.  SWAY goes and take the lighter emotions and shows the music world this band can sing and play them quite well and with pristine elements.  There is the short lived track number one, which sets the tone for the album very well, the the album title, "Sway", which is my personal fave.  The heart of the album, is filled with grit.  You get glimpses of anger and frustration, but only to end in smiles and hollowed out hate.  These songs, like "Hard Candy", "Fear", and "Things We Don't Know About", leave us with the edge we are all used to by Justin.  My favorites from this record are the songs, "Not Broken Anymore" and the epic song, "Debris".  I highly recommend you pick this up on it's release day!
RATING: 9/10

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