Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alaina Blair-Gypsy Girl EP

                                Alaina Blair shines in this well-produced EP.  There is little room for doubt, and no room for skeptics remaining here.  GYPSY GIRL, the EP, is an amazing collection of powerhouse hooks, anthems, rhythms, and ballads that reel the listener right in.  I'm not sure if it is the piano melodies, the blazing guitar hooks, or the angelic mixture of Alaina's voice in all three; but this composition works wonders indeed.  With a country-influenced sound, it sounds like someone whom we should already know on the radio, but folks, we have just began to know Alaina Blair.  With the first cut, "Just Belong" soaring into the second track, ""Crazy Dream of Mine", we see evidence of the true talents she possesses.  Guitarist, Billy Alexander, who doesn't get enough credit on this release, really pours his soul out and shines on the tracks "A Beautiful Melody", and my favorite song of the entire recording, "Fall From Grace".  There are no so-called "fillers" on this EP, just good songs, if not great tracks!  Alaina is a beautiful, and remarkable singer.  Her talents are blessed with a soul-driven guide to succeed, and is blessed to have an amazing band behind her efforts.  A song about the ups and the downs in life's relationships, titled ""How Hard Do We Wanna Work", is a testimonial to most people in life these days, and I am certain many can relate to this track.  Finally, "The Curtain Falls", is a track that reminds us all that the day isn't over just because the sun has set. Just because a relationship comes to an end, doesn't necessarily mean that life has, or is for that matter.  This is an excellent, relaxing release, a true EP, and I recommend picking it up off her bandcamp, or I-tunes today!
RATING: 9.5/10

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